Vibecast is looking for a new owner — is that you?

NOTE: Vibecast is sold and has a new owner. I’ll keep this post up for prosperity.

One careful owner

I’ve spent many enjoyable years building Vibecast — The website builder designed for DJs, and now it’s time for someone else to take over and realise its full potential.

What is Vibecast?

Vibecast is a website builder aimed at DJs, producers and labels.

Built by myself (a fellow DJ) for those in the music industry, Vibecast enables artists to create a sleek, modern website in minutes without any technical knowledge.

Offering unrivalled simplicity, DJs can import from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. Drag and drop artwork, images, list gigs, post tracks, add news and connect an existing domain name to their site.

Vibecast promotional video

The idea came from a need I had myself when I was DJing in my 20s and 30s and wanted a single place to showcase all my mixes, images, tracks, gigs and news, under my own domain name.

DJs get 14-days free then it's $9 per month or $90 per year.

I highly recommend @VibecastMusic for your DJ website. My ting was super easy to set up, love how simple it is to use, all my content is in one place, and it’s helped me get more gigs. DJs, you should defo check the powerful bad boy

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Building Vibecast

After spending several years in my new career as a web developer and interface designer, I had the confidence to take on the task and fulfil my longstanding ambition, to build an all-in-one web platform for DJs.

I built the platform between freelance gigs, focusing on doing so without investment while planning, designing, developing, deploying and launching Vibecast myself.

From the beginning and throughout, this project has been an amazing learning experience. With advice from a few developers and some marketing input, I accomplished all I set out to achieve.

Dexter Kane —

What changed?

Having been a passionate DJ when I first had the idea, it was 6–9 months after Vibecast’s launch (August 2019), I realised my excitement for the dance-music industry, on a professional level, was not what it used to be as I’ve found my passion for web-technology and the love I had for building the app itself.

Techno is deep in my heart, and I’ll continue to DJ, but as a hobby.

Why sell it?

Vibecast is making money, debt-free, with no investment, and running as a stable platform. I believe products like Vibecast succeed from successful execution, and I’m no longer the best person to execute.

I’ve recently had new interests, and I’d like to work on other product ideas I’m developing where I’m confident I can execute.

So, I’d love to see Vibecast grow with new owners. Perhaps an individual or organisation, established within the industry, with marketing, connections, or technical knowledge to take the product forward and provide a great service for DJs and musicians.

DJs, I highly recommend @VibecastMusic for your website. I’ve been using it for a while, impressed with how easy it is to set up and chuffed to bits with how my site looks Take a look, you’ll save a lot of time

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What’s on the menu?

Essentially, Vibecast comprises of three codebases and a marketing website. PHP using the Laravel framework powers the API server and user websites, and Javascript using Vue.js framework for the Single Page Application (SPA) admin area and marketing website. All deployed on AWS and taking subscriptions through Stripe.

Subscriptions come in at £4,500 ($6,200) per year which dropped slightly from £5,300 ($7,300) before the pandemic. Other than a $50 per month AWS bill (which could be reduced) and $15 per month for the Mailerlite newsletter, all other paid-for services are non-essential.

I understand the revenue isn’t ground-breaking compared to some SaaS projects. However, these figures have been achieved with only minor product updates and no marketing over the last 12-months. So there’s plenty of opportunities.

Without any push on my end, new signups are coming in, and some users convert to subscribers. Although minimal during the pandemic, there is organic interest in Vibecast.

Digital Assets & Setup

Whilst building Vibecast, I’ve been cautious to keep anything Vibecast-related its own entity, so transferring assets is a simple as changing the password to that service. No setup or downtime.

I’ll breakdown everything included as part of the sale:


Four primary codebases, all in private repos on I rely on frameworks, so the code is well structured and readable.

- API Server (PHP, Laravel)
- User Websites (PHP, Laravel)
- App/Admin (Javascript, Vue.js)
- Website (Javascript, Vue.js)


Vibecast runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with 2 x EC2 servers, one for the API server and one running DJ websites connected to a dedicated RDS MySQL database with SQS, Route 53, S3, CloudFront and transactional emails sent through SendGrid.

The DJ website server uses LetsEncrypt to automatically create an SSL for any domain name users connect to Vibecast.

Domain names

I purchased from a domain broker for $2,000 and subsequently registered more to hold them.


Social Media

Although I did a push for a few months after launch, there hasn’t been any activity over the last year. Some channels are not used but registered for the username.

- (1,700)
- (380)
- (138)
- (Medium — as you’re reading now)
- (not active)
- (not active)
- (not active)


I use Mailerlite on a $15 per month plan for newsletters and currently have 1,700 DJs subscribed.

Legal documents

I’ve had a specialist law firm draft up specific Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies separately for the Vibecast marketing website, the platform itself and user’s websites. The documents are ready, but integration is required.


The Logo was designed by the incredibly talented Paul Von Excite and promotional video produced by Jake Hutchinson. Although no official brand guidelines have been created — bright, bold, clean colours over a minimal aesthetic won the day.

Vibecast Admin

Quick Wins

There are some relatively quick updates to Vibecast, which will make a huge difference in driving new traffic:

Marketing Website

The main website is a SPA built using Vue.js, which means SEO isn’t great. I created it this way to get something up quickly, then planned to revisit it later. A full website with rendered HTML, more pages and specific landing pages will increase its ranking on search engines.


The Vibecast blog is exactly what you are looking at: a dedicated sub-domain mapped to this Medium account. Again, I did this to move quickly but always expected to build a full blog with regular content within the main website itself — a dedicated blog will significantly increase organic traffic.

Theme Updates

I’ve received a lot of feedback from users who’ve suggested what they would like to see on the platform. Many of them are relatively simple updates to layout and styling with some new content module ideas.

Theme Switching

Switching themes has already been developed on the API server and hidden in the front-end code. Unlike other website builders, pages, and content render as JSON data without outputting HTML, so users can easily switch between themes without changing their content. To keep things simple during launch, I designed only one theme with the view to creating more.


Although Vibecast is heavily marketed towards DJs, anyone in the music industry would find it useful. As I had limited resources, it’s often beneficial to launch to a specific, untapped market first. The platform can easily accommodate bands, performers, singers, artists and more without changing the product itself. That’s why I was careful with the brand name, and social media handles from the beginning.

And More

I’m happy to discuss all other platform features that require some work to finish and make available.

I’ve been using @VibecastMusic for about a year now for my website. It is a fantastic solution to what was once a daunting task. Highly recommend for any DJ or producer! Check out my website

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New Home

If you’re interested in buying Vibecast and taking it on, I’m happy to answer any questions and have a discussion. Feel free to sign up and have a look around yourself:

Please direct any questions or proposals to

Thanks for reading — Jack.

NOTE: Vibecast is sold and has a new owner. I’ll keep this post up for prosperity.

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