As I’ve nearly finished handing Vibecast over to the new owner (who will keep it running as it is), and in the spirit of remaining open about the project, here are some positive unintended consequences that happened from running Vibecast as a side project.

The original open letter when I put it up for sale a few months ago

Although I can’t (NDAs) breakdown the exact figures, Vibecast earned me almost £50k over two years split between three areas:

NOTE: Vibecast is sold and has a new owner. I’ll keep this post up for prosperity.

One careful owner

I’ve spent many enjoyable years building Vibecast — The website builder designed for DJs, and now it’s time for someone else to take over and realise its full potential.

The Neighbours —

What is Vibecast?

Vibecast is a website builder aimed at DJs, producers and labels.

Built by myself (a fellow DJ) for those in the music industry, Vibecast enables artists to create a sleek, modern website in minutes without any technical knowledge.

Offering unrivalled simplicity, DJs can import from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. …

You’re out with male friends, colleagues, or guys you don’t know as well and hear misogyny, toxicity or something you know to be negative towards women. When it happens you feel uncomfortable, so you ignore it, talk it down or change the subject.

And that’s the problem.

It’s time to remove ourselves from the boys club mentality we inadvertently slip into to keep the peace around certain groups of guys.

We need to actively pull up other men, publicly or privately, who’ve not moved forward on respect towards women. If that’s out of your comfort zone, then I assure you, you’re…

Welcome to Vibecast, the website builder for DJs.

Create a bold, striking and customisable website that looks great on any device. Showcase your best content through a simple Drag & Drop builder, designed for DJs.

No need to rely on other web designers, figure out how to setup and use WordPress, or sign up for a generic website builder and hope it’s suitable for DJs. Vibecast takes care of that for you.

So why Vibecast?

Search for most DJs online, and their Soundcloud, Facebook or Resident Advisor pages are often the first results, as many don’t have a website.

When you upload your mix to Soundcloud or add a gallery on…

Pacha, London — 2008

In 2006 I was DJing full time and wanted to showcase my mixes, gigs, images and productions online. Back then it was either MySpace or a website.

DJing was my only income, I had no spare cash, and MySpace was a love-hate relationship. “How hard can it be to make a website?” I thought. The Internet was an easier place in those days, and it was still tricky. I read enough books to scrape together some HTML and eventually my first website was born, which helped raise my profile as a DJ.

Once my site was live, other DJs asked…

The Blockchain will become the next big technological revolution. It’s a decentralised and secure way of doing, pretty much, everything!

The potential use for Blockchain is so vast, it’s almost a struggle with where to begin. Bitcoin uses this technology, and it looks like the music industry will be next.

We’re years away from seeing the first green shoots of common application, but it will become a central part of everyone’s life.

Explaining Blockchain is very difficult, but this Twitter thread by naval sums it up nicely.

Reading posts and comments from people asking others to “get over it, it’s happened, we need to move on” is becoming infuriating.

I understand hateful names have been used to sum up the people who voted out. That’s something I’ve never subscribed to and it’s not the road I choose to go down or even agree with.

A lot of people, including myself, are hurting right now. And we’re hurting hard! We’re angry, upset and in total shock with what has happened. To be told I need to “stay united and move on” just winds me up even more.


Throughout my ten year career I do actually compete directly with non-British EU workers for the same jobs at the same skill level and I’m completely happy about it. Here’s why;

I work with a lot of European web designers and developers in a well paid profession and some of them have gone on to setup their own agencies in London employing UK citizens and hiring me several times as a freelancer.

The UK, London especially, is in a great situation, a good catch-22. We have a lot of the worlds best creative agencies landing high quality creative projects. The…

I can’t understand why anyone would not want to have free access to such a beautiful continent, right on our doorstep too. The world is becoming a smaller place; shutting ourselves away from it all is extremely short sighted for the sake of current political woe.

Technology is allowing us to live and work anywhere we want. It’s already the case in my industry and it will spread to others as time goes on. People can live in France, Spain or Italy working remotely for £ or locally for €, it’s luxury that we should be thankful for.

We are…

@oh_moore, @mutlu82 and @JackBarham working at Marvel App — November 2013

Having spent my seven year design and development career building websites and mobile sites, I had the opportunity last year to work for several startups building web applications. To my surprise it was a very welcome change.

There were two main ones. Kazoup are building a great application that scans a company’s infrastructure data and turns into viable statistics. The second was Marvel App, a clever application which provides free prototyping for digital designers. On both occasions I was involved with front-end development and building the admin interface from designs provided by @Mutlu82.

After spending the previous few years working…

Jack Barham

Digital product designer and developer

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